Dealer Testimonials

"D2D Express added $300,000 to my top-line last year just by responding to online requests for emergency backordered parts. I ship an average of 20 - 30 packages a day. The technology does all of the work and I reap the benefits of incremental parts sales."
Leif Johnson Ford – Austin, TX
Scott Webb, Parts Manager

"D2D Express adds almost $100,000 a year to my bottom line. I'm tapping markets I never would have before all without any additional overhead."
Jennings Chevrolet – Chicago, IL
John Lipecki, Parts Manager

"D2D Express is a great program and it's so easy-to-use! Filling emergency back-orders for Mazda has helped reduce our dealership's idle inventory. Using D2D Express creates a win-win situation – we are helping Mazda get needed parts to customers and Mazda is helping us reduce idle!"
Bob Sight Mazda – Laguna Hills, CA
Bob Foster, Parts Manager

"Processing D2D Express transactions is so effortless – the only way it would be any easier is if someone came and processed them for me!"
Bales Hyundai – Jeffersonville, IN
Brian Lee, Parts Manager

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