Performance Coaching Profiles

Meet the Coaches

Chad Berry

About Chad

Home Base: Riverside, CA

When Did You Start With OEC: March 2016

Proudest Accomplishment: Family (my wife and two kids)

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job: Helping others succeed

Strongest Professional Attributes: Problem solving, dealing with adversity, planning, obtaining goals that are set, helping others to reach their full potential and having an overall great attitude on life.

Hobbies Outside of OEC: Riding motorcycles (dirt and street), working on old cars, family sports and activities, working with my hands and doing anything that has speed involved or an adrenaline rush. Sky diving was fun for years but now the kiddos come first.

John Butler

About John

Home Base: Chicago

When Did You Start With OEC: November 2016

Proudest Accomplishment: Family! My wife Caitlin and my two boys Jack and Henry.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job: There are no cookie cutter solutions. Everyone's issues are different and it takes creativity and perseverance to really help our customers see success.

Strongest Professional Attributes: Being about to think outside the box, eager to learn and help teams grow.

Hobbies Outside of OEC: Basketball, soccer and books -- lots of books!

Eddie Fabela

About Eddie

Home Base: Portland

When Did You Start With OEC: March 2014

Proudest Accomplishment: becoming so successful in the automotive industry after leaving the golf industry.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job: Meeting new people and helping them sell more parts.

Strongest Professional Attributes: Interpersonal skills and passionate.

Hobbies Outside of OEC: Cooking and Golfing.           

Lou Gattozzi

About Lou

Home Base: Cleveland

When Did You Start With OEC: November 2010

Proudest Accomplishment: Being part of a 5 member team that executed a 12 week field project in the fall of 2011 that culminated in a 33 month contract with Volkswagen.   

What do you enjoy most about your job:  Seeing the satisfaction of customers when they realize how to maximize OEC technology to help grow their business and sell more parts.

Strongest Professional Attributes: Rapport building, organization/time management, product knowledge.

Hobbies outside of OEC: Spending time with family, golfing (when I find time), and following Ohio State and Cleveland sports teams.

Kevin Heist

About Kevin

Home Base: Dallas, TX

When Did You Start With OEC: February 2014

Proudest Accomplishment: Successfully moving out of retail auto sales and into dealer services – quite the transition!

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job: Helping customers get the most out of our offerings and increasing profitability.

Strongest Professional Attributes: Being able to see where I can help and implementing a plan to do so.

Hobbies Outside of OEC: Traveling, Baseball, Cars.

Toby Ortiz

About Toby

Home Base: Washington, D.C.

When Did You Start With OEC: September 2010

Proudest Accomplishment: I have had the privilege of being involved with almost all the major field projects and engagements that OEC has had over the past 5 years in both the US and Canada.

What Do you enjoy most about your job: Meeting and working with new customers every day and looking for ways to become a part of their team and help them with their business.

Strongest professional attributes: Rapport building, organizational skills, technical knowledge/skills, and problem identification/solving.

Hobbies outside of OEC: Passionate Cleveland sports fan, golfing, traveling and cooking.

Tony Perry

Home Base: Boston, MA

When Did You Start With OEC: July 2017

Proudest Accomplishment: My family which includes my wife Maryann and my two boys, Andrew and Anthony.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job: The opportunity to meet and interact with people through collaborative coaching.

Strongest Professional Attributes: Emotional Intelligence, interpersonal skills, innovation, leadership style, and a positive team player attitude.

Hobbies Outside OEC: Youth sports advocacy, coaching, music, spending time with family and friends, travel.

Vikki Vaeth

About Vikki

Home Base: Nashville

# of Years with OEC: January 2002

Proudest Accomplishment: Leading the rollout of CollisionLink in Ontario and Alberta for our PMA programs with Ford, Nissan, GM, Chrysler and Toyota. Celebrating my 15 years with OEC.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job: Help dealers sell more OE parts. Inspiring others and making change a top priority.

Strongest Professional Attributes: Interpersonal skills, leadership, reliability and problem-solving.

Hobbies Outside of OEC: Snow skiing, kayaking, hiking, traveling, reading and cooking.