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Dealer Spotlight on Modern Automotive Network: Key to success is investing in your people

Dealer Spotlight on Modern Automotive Network: Key to success is investing in your people

Dealer Spotlight: Modern Automotive Network

Location: Winston Salem, North Carolina

“People are your most valuable asset,” says Scott Traub, parts director at Modern Automotive Network in North Carolina.

This sets his dealership apart from most others that often overlook the huge impact people have on a business’s bottom line. Scott understands investing in people can be the key to success.

While it’s an easy thing to say, running a successful parts department is certainly a challenge. The industry is changing so fast, and with new technology constantly disrupting the status quo, it has become difficult for dealerships to keep up. So what helps lead to their success?

Teamwork is key

In 2017, Scott Traub had just taken leadership of wholesale parts operations at North Carolina’s Modern Automotive Network. As he began to wrap his mind around the sheer size of the task in front of him, he knew instinctively that he had one serious competitive advantage.

His team.

He knew there was untapped potential in his staff and needed to do something to draw it out. “To recognize a deficiency and do nothing would be irresponsible.”

Embrace technology

Instead of running away from the challenge, Scott and his team made moves to embrace technology that worked for them. They invested in coaching professionals to help them optimize the parts selling solutions to help improve their business.

“We realized that as a group we were deficient in our understanding of Manufacturer’s Price Matching programs and the various digital platforms available to assist us with that business. OEC [Performance Coaching] seemed to be able to provide the education and the platform to start taking advantage of those opportunities,” said Traub.

Continued learning from best practices

Traub and his team were able to overcome technology obstacles to grow the parts business in an impressive way. A huge catalyst for the growth at Modern is Randy Wood, inside sales representative, who recently received an award from OEC for Sales Excellence.

Wood understands this success would not have been possible without Modern’s investment in him. “Modern’s management team has been very supportive during this process. They have recognized each goal that I have achieved. When Modern succeeds, I succeed. That is a winning combination that not only benefits me, but the customer as well,” said Wood.

Wood is a great example of someone that can internally help others succeed within the business.

Instill confidence in your team

One of the most important benefits that came from Modern’s investment goes beyond dollars and cents. Utilizing team members as a valued resource internally can be an additional key to your entire team’s success overall. Wood has a renewed passion for his job and is excited about the challenges each day brings. “The OEC coaching has restored my passion for sales. I am a lot more aggressive with price matching. The knowledge that I have gained has given me more confidence than ever before. I learned that communication is everything in the automotive industry. If you are passionate about your product, your customer will sense that,” Wood added.

In this incredibly complicated space it is now more important than ever to invest in your staff. Modern Automotive saw potential in their parts department, invested in their success, and are now reaping the benefits.