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Don’t Make Them … LET Them!

Don’t Make Them … LET Them!

Changing How you Talk to Shop Customers Could Change Everything!

Words matter. How many times have you heard that?

Have you ever considered how words can impact whether your collision customers utilize your competitive pricing programs? When you discuss CollisionLink, how many shops have told you that they don’t want to use the technology? That they just want you to take the order and do the best you can? But then what happens to those non-OEM part orders?

When you talk to them, do you tell them that to get better pricing, they HAVE to send the order on CollisionLink? Not exactly a ringing endorsement of the program, is it?

Here’s a simple, but profound challenge for you: Stop MAKING them use CollisionLink, LET them use it instead.

Seem silly? Not really… because words MATTER.

Do the math

Think of your biggest, best shop customer. How much do they buy from you in collision parts each month?

Did you know that the average CollisionLink order contains around 40% non-OEM parts? Get out your calculator… do the math on this. Seriously… we’ll wait.

That’s the potential dollar amount of opportunity that’s slipping through your fingers

Every month.

From that one shop.

The challenge

This really is a simple change – or is it? It may sound easy, but here’s the challenging part. It requires you to make a direct connection with your customer. It requires you to ASK them for the business this way. Don’t present CollisionLink as a “you have to do this to get that” scenario. How about something like:

“You guys are an important customer for us. We know that you want to buy more OEM parts to satisfy your customer – and we know we need to be more competitive. We have this simple solution to help with that and we’d like to let you use it because we care about your business. All you’ll do is push this button.”

In simple terms: stop making them do something – let them do it instead.

Think words don’t matter? Try this with a few of your customers and see how it works. Then give us your feedback.