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Don’t wait for the future … embrace it now!

Don’t wait for the future … embrace it now!

After reading an article in the November 2015 edition of Body Shop Business, I felt some relief. It came in the form of its content regarding cars of the future. It was pretty funny when you consider the basic functionality of vehicles over the past 30 years and what we imagined they would be like today. The article even references the Jetsons as a case for how outrageous thoughts were about hovering space crafts, retractable roofs and self-ejectors coming standard with everyday vehicles. Although cars still drive on all four wheels while requiring gas in their tanks just like they used to, is that enough to turn a blind eye to what’s coming? We may not drive the Jetsons’ crafts, but that exaggerated innovation is not something we have to wait for.

Collision industry changes and the role of parts technology

The automotive industry itself is changing at a rapid pace. We live in a world where instant gratification is expected.  Consumers want their cars fixed NOW, shops want their parts NOW and Dealers want the sale NOW. So although cars remain on the roads and not in the air, they are developing an intelligence all their own. The car’s “mind”, however, is still being run on parts.  Rearview cameras, sensors galore, self-driving vehicles, satellite communication are all being used at this moment. With people increasingly dependent on gadgets, wouldn’t they feel safer and more secure when they give way to self-driving cars relying on OE parts designed with their protection in mind? The article confirms shops require “trained techs” using “correct equipment” (OE Parts) for safe, fast and profitable repairs today and in the future.

In the event of a collision, cars will contact the appropriate authorities and medical response teams if necessary. But there is a part of this that seems to be skimmed over. It’s likely the communication will rely on the nearest, highest rated shops after an accident. These ratings will come from satisfaction rate of customers. A shop’s reliability will come from its efficiency, quality in product and satisfaction in price. This is no different than today’s business agenda. Technology, such as the solutions offered by OEC can help boost efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness.

Mechanical parts technology is just as important

The same goes for the Mechanical world.  In the future, when a car breaks down on the side of the road, its implemented software will contact the nearest repair shop.  The car’s capabilities will understand which parts are damaged and contact the repair shop the vehicle determines is best suited for such a repair.  Shops will need to act quickly, making sure the customer’s needs and wants are to be met. This can relay into substantially increased customer satisfaction and success rates over nearby competitors, while using OE Parts and competitive pricing. Imagine a day, where you can have the parts to a shop before the customer even arrives with their damaged or inoperative vehicle. It’s not too far off. This seems pretty far-fetched … almost absurd, right? Wrong.

How do you embrace the changes?

YOU have the opportunity to utilize products and technology existing TODAY that can give you the SAME TYPE OF COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE! Efficiency, service and competitive pricing are incredibly valuable assets to any dealership and shop transaction. If shops are rapidly adjusting to become more specialized to concentrate on higher quality work, wouldn’t you want to have the capability to snag the business they require? Technology and product solutions are ever-evolving, much like the fast paced automotive business. It’s difficult to imagine an opportunity to get ahead in an industry with so much competition between OEMs and even between dealerships working for the same company.  Instead, dealers worry about the next dealership over or different competitive OE brands when their true competition lays between Aftermarket suppliers and the clock.  Instant gratification has been a deciding factor in the successes of social media, defining current and future generations. The same is true with the blueprint of the future in business.

Technology is the only thing significantly changing. Rubber tires, hinged doors and gas tanks will still be there, but it’s the technology that will help dealers and shops move forward.

You already have access to the successes of the future, use it today so you can vacation tomorrow. Otherwise, you may be left behind, sweeping up yesterday’s practices with The Jetsons’ House Keeper Rosie and her outdated friends: the Fax Machine and The Printer. The Future is calling — will you answer before your competitor does?


Reference: BodyShop Business-November 2015/ Vol. 34 No. 11 (p.35-p.46)