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Drive business during Fall Car Care Month

Drive business during Fall Car Care Month

The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and the potholes have just been paved over. Must be a sign that fall is here, and then the pesky winter season is right around the corner.

For the snow-forging drivers, this is the time to prepare their vehicles for the harsh weather ahead. For dealers and repair facilities, this is a prime opportunity to showcase your service lanes and boost your business.

Here are a few easy ways to drive business during the month of October:

1. Share the benefits of proper car care with the community

When your customers come into your service department, they are looking for knowledge and expertise. They may only come in for an oil change or a tune-up, but it’s your responsibility to give all the recommended services for their vehicle. This goes beyond just stating what’s recommended for their mileage. Going the extra mile and explaining the benefits of proper vehicle maintenance, especially prior to the winter season, can go a long way. The average car owner may not understand the intricacies that can affect vehicle safety during the winter months. By taking time to explain the extra services and the benefits beyond routine maintenance, your customers will likely entrust your expertise and be more willing to take your advice.

2. Engage your customers on social media with tips & tricks

Sharing tips and tricks with your customers through your social media channels is another great way to drive business. It gets customers thinking about their vehicle, and in turn will drive them into your service department. Post weekly tips about car care on your social media. You can also ask your followers to use a specific hashtag (ex. #carcaremonth2018) and tag your business when they post questions or pictures of their vehicles. Make it fun! This will allow you to provide extra value to your customers even when they aren’t in your waiting rooms. Follow Car Care Council’s blog posts, or their Twitter or Facebook to find great content to share.

3. Host a Car Care Event

Hosting an event at your center can be easy and fun. You can pick a date and promote your event throughout your normal marketing channels. You may even be able to run special discounts for specific services to get more people through the door. During the event, hand out Car Care Guides and make sure to print out banners or flyers to showcase around your shop or dealership. There are some great ideas including videos, car care audio clips, sample press releases, and promotional materials that make it even easier to create a big impact on your customers. Check out the Car Care Council’s industry toolbox for all the resources you need.

4. Offer free tools and information

To stay top of mind with your customers throughout the fall season, you can suggest the free customer service schedule and email reminder service or download a free copy of the Car Care Guide from the Car Care Council. This gives free access to even more helpful information to influence better car maintenance decisions. With automatic reminders, customers will be more inclined to schedule appointments in advance and drive business before the winter season hits.