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Have it YOUR way!

Have it YOUR way!

OEM Parts Technology Leader Supports Diverse Customers thru Multiple Service Channels

Today’s workplace is made up of three very distinct populations – Baby Boomers , Gen X and Gen Y.  Each of these generations has vastly different service needs and technology preferences.  Case in point, we all have witnessed some 20-something-year-old whipping out his/her smart phone to perform any number of functions with the exception of actually talking to another person.

As a result, more and more companies are turning to multiple service channels to give their customers choices.  OEC is no exception.  As a technology leader in the automotive OEM parts space, OEC supports over 132,000  U.S. and International customers covering a wide range of applications for OEMs, dealership parts departments, collision shops and independent repair facilities.

Aligning Service Channels with Customer Preference

“Our customer base is becoming more diverse in how they prefer to be supported,” says Jim Kynkor, Manager of Customer Support at OEC.  “We have major dealer groups that are running multi-million dollar wholesale operations and do everything online.  And then we have small shops that just upgraded from a dial-up connection and still depend on the telephone.”  As a result, OEC has expanded beyond traditional phone support to offer customers the convenience of multiple support channels available at their fingertips.

Accessible From Every Screen

Accessible from the upper right hand corner of every application, the OEC Support Center provides users with instant access to over 1,200 pieces of unique content and videos covering everything from how to process an order, set up an application or troubleshoot an existing situation.  Users simply type in their questions and the Support Center returns the most likely responses to the question with the most popular answer ranked first.

Should users still need additional help, they can then choose from one of three additional customer support channels – each dealing with a trained OEC consultant:

  • Live chat, available within 20 seconds
  • Email which is answered, on average, within 2 hours
  • Live assistance, available within 20 seconds

Get in. Get out. Get on your way.

Customer response has been extremely positive.  “Our goal is to help our customers Get in. Get out. Get on your way.,”added Kynkor.

Tell Us What You Think

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