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“How to” get your dealership noticed with video

“How to” get your dealership noticed with video

Think with Google reported this week that 67% of millennials think they can find a “how to” video on YouTube to learn how to do just about anything. It’s happening at an increasing rate – over 100 million hours of “how to” video content has been watched so far this year.

Videos are easy ways for a person to quickly learn by observation. Rather than reading a manual, or attending a workshop, anyone can perform a simple search to find what they are looking for. Just Google “how to change a tire” and you’ll see a proliferation of YouTube videos from people positioning themselves as experts.

What’s something that you could show from a parts perspective to highlight your dealership’s expertise? Think about a customer who is trying to perform a simple repair on their own vehicle.

We’ve already described how using video can help your parts department get noticed. If you want to start with something simple, a “How-To” video may be the way to go.