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“Parts Hold” – A True Story

“Parts Hold” – A True Story

“Parts Hold”

How many times have we heard that line at a place of business? You didn’t even ask me what I needed before hitting the “hold” button and giving my ears a rhapsody of unwelcomed music or commercials extoling how you appreciate my being patient and holding because “we will be right with you?”

A true story of my “Parts Hold” saga

I called a dealership from a body shop that I had just signed up on CollisionLink. He asked me if he could buy from another dealership as he was not happy with the representative from that store. I said yes and showed him his nearby OEM’s. To ensure that he was handled properly I volunteered to call the dealership to make a formal introduction. When I called said dealership and asked for the parts department I was transferred and then rapidly told at 80 miles per hour by someone in that department, “parts hold!” Needless to say, I waited, and waited, and waited, etc., etc.

After 10-15 minutes I decided to drive over to that dealership. So, while STILL on HOLD (Grrrrr), I begrudgingly drove 20 minutes to said dealership, parked my car, walked through the showroom and into the parts department. Mind you, I am STILL ON HOLD. When the staff heard their music and commercial, they looked at me. I asked the staff, who put me on hold? One of them said, “was that you?”


This is what he got from me:

Image of hand hold ruler hit another hand on white background


In a world of many options, putting your customer on hold, without a proper introduction and asking what they needed, is to ensure that your customer will do one of a few things:

  • Get Upset While Waiting!
  • Be Irate When You Do Pick Up The Line!
  • Hang Up and Never Call Back!


  • Hang Up And Give Someone Else Their Business!

None of these about scenarios are good for business. Customers are resourceful and they talk about how satisfied, or unsatisfied they are with your business, to anyone who will listen – not to mention on social media.

Please give the person on the end of the line the decency, and respect that they deserve. Start with a simple greeting.

Hi, this is Bob, of Acme Business, How can I assist you?

Maybe the customer only needs to be transferred, and kept happy.

Maybe the customer really has a question that can be answered quickly.

Maybe we are just not too busy to make a customer feel important enough to be courteous as we would expect if we were calling a business.

Maybe we could just take a step back, and remember that our paychecks revolve around good customer satisfaction.