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Surprising Things Your Counterpeople Know … That You Don’t! (Part 1)

Surprising Things Your Counterpeople Know … That You Don’t! (Part 1)

If you’re like most parts managers, your days are filled with inventory, parts ordering, staffing and scheduling, service requests and, of course, putting out fires. This kind of hectic schedule often gets in the way of connecting with customers.  Instead, that job is left to your counter people who spend practically all of their time answering non-stop phones.

But here’s the deal.  It’s this customer contact that has afforded them insight that may surprise you.  Furthermore, this insight is backed up by creditable market research.  We’ll be revealing a few insights from the counter over the upcoming weeks.

Price is NOT the Top Decision Factor

This week’s insight from the counter is that price is NOT the number one buying criteria.

I know this goes against every grain in your body as you daily “fight the good battle” with the aftermarket parts retailers.  But your counter people will tell you that price ranks far lower than you might think … and they’re right.

According to the 2014 AutoCare™ Association study on e-Tailing in the Automotive Aftermarket, repairers are far more interested in ease of ordering and availability.  While still important, price is NOT the deciding factor in many cases.

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