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Take your online parts ordering form to the next level in 2016

Take your online parts ordering form to the next level in 2016

When a customer comes to your website and wants to order parts, what do they find? Do you have a full e-commerce platform for parts ordering? Do you have a little bit of information? Or do you have a parts request form? We see dealerships with a variety of different processes for ordering parts.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers – better yet – put yourself in the shoes of someone who has NEVER done business with you before.

What would their first impression be of your parts page? If you have a full e-commerce solution, perhaps it’s easy to use and straightforward. But what about those who don’t?

If you have a form, do you have any idea what happens when that form is submitted? Do you get an e-mail? If you aren’t sure, go ahead and fill out the form, submit it, and see what happens. Many of the forms that we have seen aren’t really clear cut as to what the customer needs to do. Are they filling out a form to be contacted, or are they asking for the specific part they need?

It also seems like an inefficient use of time for you on the parts side.

If the form comes to you, now you need to pick up the phone to call this customer to find out what he or she is looking for. You need to capture additional information on the vehicle such as VIN, year, make, model, etc. You need to see whether you have it in inventory, which will require a second phone call back to the customer. Then the customer must decide whether to buy the part from you, and so on.

If you had a more integrated parts ordering system, you could save yourself and your customer time and eliminated some of the guesswork required to get the right part in the customer’s hands. Consider making a more sophisticated online parts ordering system part of your 2016 strategy. There are several vendors that provide online e-commerce solutions, including ConsumerLink from OEC.