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Using video to build your parts business

Using video to build your parts business

If you have a smart phone or tablet, it’s a good bet you’ve recently watched a video on it – either something viral that showed up on your Facebook News Feed, or perhaps something related to your business that caught your eye on LinkedIn. Or, maybe you missed the game last night and went to your favorite sports website to catch the highlight reel. Your customers aren’t any different. A National Study of Online Consumers indicated that 90% of consumers watch online video. And by 2017, 70% of all internet traffic will be video! A 2013 stat shows that YouTube users upload 100 hours of video every minute! In 2015, it’s probably more than that.

A quick Internet lookup of some of the large dealerships in the U.S. shows that many have adopted video in some form or another. Whether augmenting their Internet sales listings or showing the dealership’s television commercials, videos are becoming more and more prominent on dealership sites.

You might think, “well, no one wants to see a video about parts.” Actually, there are a lot of ways your parts department can stand out in the world of videos.

Ideas on how to put your parts department in the spotlight
  • Do-it-yourself videos are one way your parts department could shine. There are a variety of car repair videos on YouTube, but hardly any are vehicle specific, and even fewer mention OE. Create a video that addresses a specific repair for a specific vehicle and mention your dealership and vehicle brand throughout the video. If you stock the parts you’re describing, be sure to mention that! Think of it as an infomercial – you’re demonstrating how to do something, but there’s an underlying sales pitch throughout.  For an example of a dealership doing this well, check out Subaru of Puyallup’s video page.
  • Do a “Mythbusters” type video that discusses why OE parts are better than aftermarket. Do a side-by-side comparison of the OE part to the aftermarket part, and show or discuss how each would behave in a repair scenario. This type of consumer awareness campaign also helps build your reputation with your customers.
  • Be funny. “A day in the life of a parts guy” could be a good way to showcase your department but also show that you have a sense of humor.
  • Get your top customers to appear on a video testimonial for you. You can talk all day about how great you are, but an endorsement from a customer is truly a powerful statement. Anyone can make up a quote – a video testimonial shows that an actual human being is your customer!
Why videos are important

In addition to the video format becoming more and more popular, Google loves them, as well. Having videos linked to your dealership site will bring you more traffic and more buyers, because Google will rank your page higher in web searches! However, make sure you are writing very detailed descriptions of your video, including the relevant keywords. More tips on how to give your videos a boost on search results can be found in this article. You don’t have to be an expert, but you should also have a purpose and plan in place for your videos.

If you have a strong parts presence on your dealership site, and especially if you have an eStore, posting videos can help buyers find you.

Having videos available on your site or through your dealership YouTube page also will build credibility for your dealership parts department. If your customers see your face and your dealership in a video, it shows that you know what you’re talking about. Let your customers know to check out your videos page and see what they think. They might request a video for a specific vehicle repair – and then you can give that customer a shout-out in your video for the idea!

Videos on a budget

You don’t need fancy equipment to produce a video. If you are able to purchase a video recorder for a few hundred dollars, great! If not, an iPad and a steady hand is really all you need to get started. You can find free video editing programs online, and YouTube even offers a video editor.

Get Started

Ready to get started? We encourage you to share your videos with us – tweet them at us @OEConnection. We’d love to see the creative ways you implement video to help get your parts department on the virtual map!

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