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What a low quality part really costs

What a low quality part really costs

Just like many products on the market today, there is a significant amount of options when it comes to auto parts. So how do you really measure the monetary value in quality?

GMB recently released a study on the high costs of low quality parts, which focuses on how the numbers  add up for a retailer selling OEM-grade parts versus “standard grade” parts. While the numbers may not be surprising to dealers and may not impact your business directly (it may even help your business), it’s beneficial to understand a retailers’ Achilles heel and where you can fill that gap for consumers.

GMB goes further to explain the many hidden costs – with returns, labor and overall customer feedback. To get a better look inside these unseen costs, you can download this GMB study for free here.

By: Heather King | November 16th, 2017

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