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Make Inventory Management the Easy Part

D2DLink is so user-friendly that it’s the simplest interface I have ever seen. D2DLink enables dealers to efficiently move their parts inventory with greater accuracy, while automated discounting capabilities allow dealers to control & maintain a clean, fresh inventory.

When Uptime is Everything

Backordered parts

The supply chain is, at best, fragile, making for an unpredictable parts landscape. The result? Backordered parts and availability issues. This causes major disruptions for your parts team that trickle down to the customer, leaving everyone frustrated.

The Clock is Ticking

Your customers want reliable uptime and you want the parts to make that happen… but you end up spending too much time on the phone and not enough time providing dependable service for your buyers.

Idle Parts

How can you push more parts when you don’t have a clear view into what goes on at bodyshops?

Now for the Easy Part

Backorder Fulfillment

Experience easy access to a dealer network where your parts team can find the parts they need and sell the ones other dealers are looking for using D2D Express, the OEC backorder fulfillment solution.

Inventory Management

OEC inventory management solutions, like D2DLink, expand your buying and selling territories, increase inventory accuracy, and provide access to a large network of dealers.

Parts Availability

With the dealer’s permission, OEC will get the dealer’s inventory data from their DMS. If this method isn’t available, OEC will work with the dealer directly or vehicle manufacturer to make sure we have up-to-date inventory information.

Connecting Your Team

Keep your team moving with OEC’s integrated solutions

Find all the information you need on one screen.

Instantly access inventory, pricing, and availability information from any device.

Seamlessly integrate with other platforms you are already using.

Automate processes that otherwise keep your team tied up in administrative work.

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