Central Billing

Consolidate and simplify the invoicing and payment process for dealers, suppliers and manufacturers.

OEC Central Billing is an automated application that centrally manages diverse billing processes and standardises trading terms for manufacturers and suppliers. The application provides a common platform for hosting diverse billing processes of multiple programmes, markets, and suppliers.

Streamline Your Billing

A flexible application design allows for a high level of customisation, helping you meet manufacturer-specific expectations. Reduce costs, save time, and cut back on the administrative burden with the help of centrally negotiated prices and a monthly summary invoice.

With Central Billing, it is easy to connect with a wider range of suppliers tyres, accessories, glass, oil, workshop consumables, and beyond. Connection is simple for suppliers, and dealers enjoy better conditions without any effort or subscription fees. Central Billing provides full transparency and its configurable controls guarantee only valid suppliers or products are permitted onto the programme. The system supports all common accounting cases like debits, credits, adjustments or bonuses and provides manufacturers and suppliers with a full audit trail and reports, including commission calculations and cumulative invoice information.

Billing Simplified

  • OEC Billing provides everything you need for quick, efficient billing in one place
  • Diverse billing processes for OEM, dealers and suppliers all housed in one centralised platform

Reduce Administrative Burden

  • Spend less time with administrative tasks so you can get back to running your business
  • Centrally negotiated prices support market-level programmes, while a monthly summary invoice lists everything you need to see
  • Have reduced costs and a more simplified billing process


For Manufacturers

  • Provides common platform for hosting of diverse billing processes
  • Flexible design allows for high level of customisation to meet OEM-specific expectations
  • Centrally negotiated prices supporting market-level programmes
  • Supports multiple programmes, markets and suppliers
  • Transparent programme management via standard reporting

For Dealerships

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced administration
  • Competitive trading
  • Maintains operational relationships between parts suppliers and dealers
  • Sell more products & services

For Tyre Suppliers

  • Access to manufacturers’ dealer network
  • Reduced administration
  • Simplified payment process between manufacturers and parts suppliers
  • Standard EDI formats & processes for suppliers
  • Supports multiple programmes, markets and suppliers

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