What is EPCLink?
EPCLink is an add-on integration to the OEC solutions of CollisionLink and RepairLink. For users who use CollisionLink or RepairLink, EPCLink allows the ability to check parts by accessing part illustration and catalog data when processing orders.

EPCLink uses the VIN and part numbers within the order to autocomplete the search for all parts in the order and presents relevant catalog information back to the user. The user can then check each part on the order without leaving the application.

Users can check and validate if the ordered part is correct by viewing the illustration and checking the catalog information.

Who can use EPCLink?
EPCLink is available is in the US for Ford, GM, FCA, Honda, Acura, Nissan, and Infiniti. In Canada, EPCLink is available for Ford, GM, and FCA.

Why should I enroll in EPCLink?
EPCLink provides an integrated parts catalog feature with the CollisionLink and RepairLink solutions. Users can reduce switching between applications to validate part information by accessing the parts catalog in one click from CollisionLink or RepairLink. Enhanced features like illustration editing, ability to attach illustrations, and adding additional parts to orders saves time validating information with customers, and helps dealers capitalize on sales opportunities. EPCLink was designed to save dealers time and help sell more OEM parts.

What resources are available for EPCLink?
We have a Help Center available 24/7 with thousands of articles to answer questions and offer step-by-step instructions for just about anything related to our solutions. We also have a dedicated Customer Success team to assist with training and program configuration. Dedicated Customer Success Representatives are available for onboarding and program maximization support.

How do I get to EPCLink?
EPCLink is easily accessible within the OEC portal from the CollisionLink or RepairLink order screens.

How much does EPCLink cost?
Since pricing is specific to manufacturer, please contact us.

What solutions or programs does EPCLink work with?
EPCLink works with CollisionLink and RepairLink.

Why is this not included already?
EPCLink provides an exclusive integration with parts catalog data within CollisionLink and RepairLink. This is the first of two new EPC solutions for OEC, and upon launching of the fully developed OEC EPC solution later in 2020, EPCLink will be included in the cost of the full catalog solution.

How long does it take to set up EPCLink?
Enrolling in EPCLink is simple and fast. Dealers can gain access within 24 hours after enrollment and will see the EPC button on the CollisionLink or RepairLink order screens.

How do I set up EPCLink?
There is no set up required to start using EPCLink after enrollment. Upon enrollment, dealers will gain EPCLink access within 24 hours and will see the EPC button on the CollisionLink or RepairLink order screens.