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How dealers feel about selling online

Not sure about selling online? These dealers were at one point, too.
Mechanical dealers:

“We no longer have to look on multiple websites to see which car our customers are working on – we just have to look at one: RepairLink.”

Kevin S., Parts Director,
Hawkinson Nissan/KIA

“We have definitely gained new customers since implementing RepairLink, including four or five that I would consider good customers. These are all shops that never used us before, and we are happy to have their business.”

Joe M., Parts Manager,
Dallas Dodge Chrysler Jeep

Collision Dealers:

“If someone is not already signed up for CollisionLink, I would tell them that it’s a win-win situation; they cannot lose because they are going to get business they wouldn’t have otherwise. With CollisionLink, we get the business and we get the added bonus of reimbursement for parts through the Volkswagen Genuine Advantage parts program. I love what CollisionLink has done for us so far.”
Michael C., Parts Manager, Hallmark VW of Cool Springs

Online Retail dealers:

“We didn’t really have a big online presence but now we are out there. Everything we have read from our customer reviews has been great. It’s nice because it’s all in one place and it’s simple so that you can look at the one page and see all of the orders coming in.”
Bill C., Parts Manager, Valley Ford Truck

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