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How do I sell idle parts?

Those parts on your shelf are costing you money.

We know those parts that aren’t selling are taking up valuable space. So using an online idle parts management service is the key to finding buyers for your idle parts and get those parts off your shelves.

With a service like PartsBrokerDirect, you can match your idle inventory with buyers looking for those parts. A broker then sends you an offer where you can quickly decide if you want to sell or pass, based on the price offer. Most of the time, a process like this is pretty simple and easy to set up.


Right now, buyers are waiting to buy your parts, and all you need to do is set up your rules with your personal broker, sit back, and watch the idle parts sell. This also gives you a returned investment on parts that otherwise would be very hard to sell. With those newly-found funds, you can reinvest in faster-moving parts to recoup your losses.

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