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How do the best dealers sell online?

Learn some tips from our best dealers to jump start your selling strategy.

Here’s how some of our best dealers perform:

How do they do this? Here are a few ways:

  • They continually market to their shops. That means sending them flyers, giving additional discounts, and using marketing tools they get for free just for being on RepairLink. Read more on how the best marketing tools available are likely already in your parts department and howmarketing to customers is when age can matter.
  • They utilize technology for process improvement. They work smarter, not harder. Technically speaking, dealers use RepairLink as a “virtual employee” taking orders 24/7. And since 52% of orders happen after 5 p.m., getting orders and generating revenue while they’re sleeping is definitely working smarter.
  • They know fellow dealers are not competition in the mechanical market. Shops most likely work on any car that comes into their bays. That means they need parts from every brand, including yours. So if you are a domestic brand, you aren’t competing with an import brand down the street. Additionally, since RepairLink is a marketplace, the more dealers, the more shops will look for parts via RepairLink. In fact, some of our best dealers encourage nearby dealers to join RepairLink to make it the most robust OE parts marketplace available online today.
  • They communicate and respond to mechanical part orders as fast as they can by always assuming a car is up on the lift. Our best dealers respond within minutes to their orders and get them the parts they need, ASAP.
  • They maximize Manufacturer reimbursements and other back-end money. There are several Manufacturer-sponsored programs that help dealers advertise, market, and improve their bottom line. The best RepairLink dealers never turn a blind eye to these opportunities, and many of those money-saving, profit-making opportunities live in RepairLink. In fact, RepairLink has eight Manufacturer-sponsored part promotion programs.

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