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How much does it cost to sell idle parts?

Selling idle parts doesn't need to be an expensive operation. Finding the right solution to assist you is the key.

There are two main costs associated with selling idle parts. The cost of the solution you use to sell the parts, and the shipping fees.

The solution cost varies depending on which solution you use. Always make sure the solution you choose allows you to market your idle inventory to buyers without any upfront financial risk to you.

Solutions like OEC PartsBrokerDirect (PBD) have no subscription fee to get started. You can view and receive offers at no cost to help clean up your idle inventory and realize revenue on parts that otherwise would sit and collect dust.

What sets PBD apart from most idle solutions is that it provides a personal broker — a live person — to help sell your parts faster and ensure your selling experience is consistent; your broker will also help you make adjustments to your selling rules so you get the maximum profit from each sale.

PBD charges a 6% seller’s fee which is consistent with industry standards and is only incurred once an offer is completed.

The other main cost incurred when selling idle parts is shipping. Your PBD broker has partnerships with shipping vendors that make shipping easy and affordable, and will assist you in determining the best method of shipping your parts. On average, PBD brokers save dealers 40% when they coordinate your shipping.

Idle management solutions like PBD are a great way to market idle inventory to other dealers and quickly move idle parts, helping you recoup revenue from slow-moving inventory to reinvest in fast-moving OE parts.

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