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How to Best Communicate with Body Shops

How do I communicate with shops buying from me online?

Many shops are weary of trying new ways to order parts (understandably so), but no online solution will replace the relationship you have with your customers. When shops first order from you, you can message your shops within your online parts ordering solution, through “Notes” in CollisionLink, for example. Additionally, a call the first time you receive a new shop’s order is sufficient enough in instilling confidence that their order will be fulfilled. After that, they should be just fine knowing their future orders will be completed.

How do I get my shops to order from me online?

It isn’t as hard as you think – it’s mostly just communicating to your shops that you are selling parts online, making it more convenient for them. Marketing that you are selling online requires using multiple avenues to make sure your message is seen. So it’s important to go with a solution that offers the right tools and support to ensure you become successful.

If you are a dealer on CollisionLink, you have access to marketing brochures and other supporting material to help get shops buying from you online. More importantly, Customer Success Specialists are with you every step of the way and can help you with your marketing strategy.

A lot of our dealers focus their advertising to include the CollisionLink logo, which lets shops know where to find them online. Read more on: The best marketing tools available are likely already in your parts department.

My shop customers have trouble navigating online buying with me, so they gave up on using it. Are there ways to simplify navigation for them?

Of course! CollisionLink Shop can seem overwhelming when seeing it for the first time, but when customers start to navigate the solution, we usually hear, “Is that it? Oh, that’s easy!” Additionally, we have developed built-in navigational tools, which walk shops through the set-up and usage. In addition, a dedicated shop specialist team can set up and train any of your shops if they need additional assistance.

I want to give some of my shops specific discounts, is this possible?

Yes, and we encourage it! You have complete control over the prices of the parts you sell – and if you go with our solution or any other solution, make sure you don’t lose that control. Your dealership can opt to offer a discount to all your shops, or decide on specific discounts for a single shop or even a group of shops.

Some of my shops only want to pick up the phone/fax/email in their order. How do we get shops to trust the online solution and want to use it with us?

We understand that old habits die hard. Many shops have done the same thing for a long time and don’t believe that they’ll get the best pricing online. The best way to combat this? Communication, communication, communication. Give them comfort by explaining they’ll hear from you once their order is placed and the prices will not be impacted (and if the order is for one of our 15 Manufacturers with a promotional parts program, they will likely get additional savings.) Encourage your shops to send the transaction through and follow it up with a phone call to make sure trust is established on both ends.

My shops are using other online parts ordering solutions. What should I do?

Shops are free to use whatever online parts ordering solution they want, but it doesn’t hurt to show them what you have to offer with the solutions you chose. If you use CollisionLink, you can explain how it’s the only solution that prioritizes Manufacturer parts above all else, meaning your dealership focuses on safe repairs and parts of shop’s customers. Your dealership will see the entire estimate, including aftermarket and salvage parts, offering you the opportunity to conquest additional parts sales that were originally sourced as aftermarket parts. Consumers get a safer repair, a quicker and more reliable fix for the body shop, and additional profit for your dealership. Win-win-win.

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