Scott Christie

General Manager
Scott Christie

As General Manager, Data & Business Intelligence for OEC, Scott is responsible for profit and loss for these business segments. Scott served on the Clifford Thames Management team and officially joined OEC as Chief Data Officer in September 2017. In his new, expanded role, he will provide the combined global business with strategic direction and provision of data-related services for the organization as a whole.

Scott began his career with the Clifford Thames Group in 1995 and was later appointed as Chief Technology Officer for the Group in 2004. He was instrumental in the rapid and successful growth of the business, supporting the development of new initiatives in emerging market sectors for the Group. Scott also led significant internal investment in the business, including a global intranet system, an HR management tool, as well as establishing robust delivery and maintenance of ISO27001 certification processes. He also played an integral role in the design and development of Ford Motor Company’s parts ecommerce global platform, as well as the development and launch of Athoris, the Fleet platform of OEC.

Scott was shortlisted for Chief Technology Officer of the Year in 2017 at the Tech Leaders Awards.

Mr. Christie graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a First Class Honours degree in Computer Science.