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How do I locate parts from other dealers?

Online solutions, like OEC D2DLink, help dealerships like yours locate parts from other dealerships with a few clicks.

Many dealers call or fax other dealers in their area to find the parts they need, calling numerous times and sending diagrams to make sure it’s the right part for the job and to finalize pricing. Customers don’t want to wait a long time to get their cars back on the road, and this back and forth between dealers can be a long process before finding – and obtaining -- the right part for the vehicle repair. This system takes too much time at the expense of customer satisfaction.

A better solution to this time-consuming process exists: locating parts online. By eliminating the need to call or fax other dealerships, you save time, effort, and money. A simple search with a parts locator solution can help you quickly find the part without picking up the phone. The search will showcase multiple dealerships that have the part you need and allow you to order and get the part delivered fast (often on the same day).

When searching for an online parts locator solution, check for the following features :

  • Daily inventory updates to ensure accurate parts availability information
  • Integration with your Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC)
  • Easy-to-use

OEC D2DLink is an online parts locating solution that provides access to the largest dealer network in the industry . D2DLink allows you to manage all of your parts inventory and also reduce your idle inventory within a single solution. With over 9.9 million OE parts in the virtual network per month, D2DLink helps dealers like you locate parts from other dealers, expands your reach and maintains fresh inventory so you can quickly and accurately buy and sell OE parts.

Inventory management solutions connect dealers to each other to allow for sourcing of parts rather than waiting.
  • ​When customers come to get their car serviced for a repair or recall, they want the fastest turnaround time possible.
  • With a good system you can manage all the moving pieces in a parts department and help your team be more efficient.