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Inventory Management

If I wanted to sell parts at my dealership, how do I do that?

It's a simple set up and you're selling.

While you don't have to share your inventory to participate in purchasing parts, you do have to share your inventory if you would like to sell your parts. Luckily it’s very simple.

Other solutions may vary, but for D2DLink and D2D Express, you complete a simple setup procedure that our Customer Success team guides you through. Once we have access to your inventory (varying setup dependent on your DMS provider), we integrate with your DMS, and then pull inventory data automatically.

If you don’t have a DMS provider, you can send a list to us, and we manually update inventories.

Inventory management solutions connect dealers to each other to allow for sourcing of parts rather than waiting.
  • Online solutions, like OEC D2DLink, help dealerships like yours locate parts from other dealerships with a few clicks.
  • ​When customers come to get their car serviced for a repair or recall, they want the fastest turnaround time possible.