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​How Do I Sell Collision Parts Online?

Make this your goal: connect with your customers and ensure that you are their go-to dealership for submitting collision repair estimates.

First, your customers. How do they order parts? Most likely they have an established process for ordering aftermarket parts, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel – you just need to make your OEM parts available to them.

For you, a great first step is to subscribe to an OEM parts ordering platform. If you enroll in a platform like CollisionLink, you are joining over 8,500 dealers who are selling OEM collision parts online.

We can’t speak for other OEM-parts ordering solutions, but CollisionLink has over 19,000 active shops processing thousands of orders every month. Shops obviously like having access to dealers selling online collision parts.

In all likelihood, a lot – trust us.
  • It varies dealer to dealer and depends on business goals and resources.
  • The value depends on your goals, business priorities and resources.