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How Do Shops Know What Dealerships Sell Parts Online?

Your dealership will automatically be added to their Supplier List, allowing them to regularly order from you with ease.

Many shops ask for notifications when specific dealers register for CollisionLink. When a specific dealer registers, the shop will receive a notification telling them that you are now live and accepting orders. If a shop has not opted to receive this information, your dealership is still searchable in the Supplier List Search.

Shops can also search “all suppliers” in their specified area when looking for a part. This will mean you will gain new customers who are eager to purchase parts from you. If shops are searching for a part and you have it in stock, your dealership will appear on their screen for them to do business with.

That said, the best way to let shops know that you are on CollisionLink is to tell them yourself! The marketing team at OEC has a range of materials that you can use to tell shops that you are available for business through CollisionLink.

Make this your goal: connect with your customers and ensure that you are their go-to dealership for submitting collision repair estimates.
  • In all likelihood, a lot – trust us.
  • It varies dealer to dealer and depends on business goals and resources.