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The collision industry has grown incredibly complex with the advancement of technology and repair requirements. Luckily franchised dealers are in a great position to boost their parts business and offer the best products in the market today: OE parts.

What is some of your shops only want to pick up the phone/fax/email in their order.
Your first step is to reach out to your local shops and let them know that your dealership is now selling parts online.
Most dealers have at least a few shops that they regularly transact with, despite being close to a large wholesaler.
Any online solution should offer this -- and be able to update frequently (and automatically).
​Understanding where you make your profits is critical.
The obvious reason: increase your profits and sell more parts.
If you use CollisionLink, you can explain how it’s the only solution that prioritizes OEM parts above all else.
Time is money when it comes to your making the most impact on your ROI.
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