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How can I sell parts when the aftermarket is always cheaper?

It's easy to say the aftermarket is cheaper since -- let's face it -- they have been historically. But not so much anymore.

OEMs want you to increase your parts sales as much as you do. Because of the standard the aftermarket has set with pricing, repair shops now expect dealers to match that price, without a lot of reference to quality. OEMs get this -- and understand how important price is to a shop (and their customers).

That's why OEMs have developed promotional or discount programs that often match or beat aftermarket pricing.

To drive more business to OE parts, several OEMs have partnered with OE-driven companies to establish discount part programs.

For example, RepairLink has eight OEM promotional part programs that provide shops discounts and dealers with back-end reimbursements similar to CollisionLink. Ford, GM, Volkswagen, Nissan, INFINITI, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and FCA all have promotional programs that provide independent repair shops with competitive pricing on thousands of popular parts. Here's how that looks:


If you still aren't convinced, let's level set about OE vs. aftermarket to understand what you are really combating. Read more on How to compete against the aftermarket.

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  • It’s a common misconception that you can’t compete against the aftermarket, but there’s not a lot of truth to that notion.
  • The key? Work smarter, not harder.