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How to Sell OEM Mechanical Parts Online

Get more eyes on your parts through the online OEM marketplace.

Here’s the reality: More than 85% of consumers start with online searches. Shopping often starts online and, much of the time ends online when the sale is complete. This is also true for car repair shops – despite dealer assumptions to the contrary. In fact, even small, local repair shops are ordering parts online, from dealers.

If you’re looking to sell OEM parts online that’s good news, right? The downside is that these shops are already ordering aftermarket parts online quickly and easily.

But there’s an opportunity. Take RepairLink for example. RepairLink provides the same workflow consumers count on when purchasing aftermarket parts online, but for higher quality OEM parts. The ones you’re looking to sell. In fact, RepairLink is the only OEM-exclusive online parts marketplace. This means shops don't have to think twice or have quality questions when ordering parts from you – the dealer – online.

Learn how to kick start your online sales strategy here.

It’s a common misconception that you can’t compete against the aftermarket, but there’s not a lot of truth to that notion.
  • The key? Work smarter, not harder.
  • Think it’s impossible to compete with the aftermarket? Think again.
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