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My shop customers have trouble navigating online buying with me, so they gave up on using it. Are there ways to simplify navigation for them?

Communicating to your customers is where you need to start.

Of course! But first, make sure YOU know how shops order from you. Set up test accounts and "order" parts from you so you can easily and quickly explain the process to your shops.

Additionally, we have lots of resources for shops to learn RepairLink Shop:

  • RepairLink Shop Information Hub. Information on all discount programs, how to learn RepairLink Shop, and more.
  • Customer Success Shop Specialists. We are here to help you or your shops 1:1.
  • You, the dealer. There are resources for you on how to help your shops, including our best practices.
Get more eyes on your parts through the online OEM marketplace.
  • It’s a common misconception that you can’t compete against the aftermarket, but there’s not a lot of truth to that notion.
  • The key? Work smarter, not harder.