What is OEC EPC?

OEC EPC is our first fully developed electronic parts catalog.

OEC has taken a new approach for delivering standard EPC outcomes by focusing on user experiences. OEC EPC is easy to use and simplifies workflows, which gets the user to their parts quicker. It includes lots of optimizations and time savers designed to allow the user to work more efficiently and sell more parts

OEC EPC is intuitive to use and avoids lengthy onboarding for new users. This is important to Parts Managers with large teams who need team members to be productive with minimal training.

By leveraging OEC expertise in data authoring, management, distribution, and highly performant SaaS applications, OEC has delivered a new and exciting EPC to the market.

Who can use OEC EPC?

OEC EPC will be available initially for FCA dealerships in the US and most of Canada, with the exclusion of Quebec. We have an exciting roadmap for the coming months and years and we will be adding additional OEM catalogues in the near term.

Why should I enroll in OEC EPC?

Fully integrated into the OEC portal, OEC EPC now brings all your parts sales activities into one place. Powered by complete OEM-approved data sets, OEC EPC will help your dealership save time, search less, and sell more. OEC is thinking about EPC differently and our EPC provides the features you need today and the ones you're going to need in the future!

What resources are available for OEC EPC?

We have a Help Center available 24/7 with thousands of articles to answer questions and offer step-by-step instructions for just about anything related to our solutions. We also have a Customer Success team to assist with training and program configuration. Dedicated Customer Success Representatives are available for onboarding and program maximization support.

How do I get the OEC EPC?

Once you log in to the OEC Portal, the OEC EPC tab will appear at the top of the screen.

How much does OEC EPC cost?

Since pricing is specific to the manufacturer, please contact us below.

What solutions or programs does OEC EPC work with?

OEC EPC is integrated with other OEC solutions. Get catalog data within CollisionLink and RepairLink by using EPCLink (included in the OEC EPC subscription). With one-click from your order screen, EPCLink allows dealers to check parts by accessing part illustrations and catalog data when processing orders. Additionally, OEC EPC shows the dealer’s inventory, PDC inventory, and other dealerships’ inventories directly in the catalog section to easily view part availability. Lastly, OEC EPC shopping carts can be copied/pasted into the DMS to reduce back and forth between multiple applications, making your parts ordering fast and easy.

How long does it take to set up OEC EPC?

Enrolling in OEC EPC is simple and fast. Dealers can gain access within 24-48 hours after enrollment and will see the OEC EPC tab in the OEC Portal.

How do I set up OEC EPC?

There is no set up required to start using OEC EPC after enrollment. Upon enrollment, dealers will gain access within 24-48 hours and will see the OEC EPC tab in the OEC Portal.

How is EPCLink related to OEC EPC?

EPCLink is an add-on integration for the CollisionLink and RepairLink solutions or it can be purchased separately.

Dealers enrolling in OEC EPC not only get a fully functional EPC, they also get the EPCLink add on for their CollisionLink or RepairLink applications included in the price.