Automated Parts Replenishment.

Automated Replenishment Tools enable dealer networks to maintain optimum stocking levels of authorized distributor parts and tires. Integrated with our parts sourcing and marketing tools, dealers can pre-set stocking parameters, enabling parts and accessory distributors to automatically monitor inventory levels for timely replenishment.

For Ford Authorized Distributors

  • Save time with automatic re-ordering
  • Save money with fewer emergency orders
  • Match inventory with dealer needs to increase sales and reduce stock-outs
  • Enhance service by anticipating parts needs

More information.

For more on how OEC can help your dealer network optimize inventory stocking levels, contact us online today.

For Dealerships

  • Miss fewer sales while enjoying a higher fill rate
  • Optimize stocking levels for increased sales and decreased carrying costs
  • Create higher vehicle owner satisfaction
  • No additional fees