Does Performance Coaching Help?

Hatchett Buick GMC - Wichita, KS


Brad Sassaman, Mercedes-Benz of Shrewsbury

“I had two expectations with my coach: first, refresh my staff on OEC solutions. Second, help get my own body shop on the system. She hit the ground running. You’d think she’d been involved with CollisionLink since its infancy. She knew it inside and out. With my body shop, there were some technical issues to work through and she never gave up.

She is passionate about her work. She enjoys the company she works for and cares about the person’s business that she is training. That’s hard to find.

She was fantastic. I would spend the money again tomorrow. I would absolutely recommend Performance Coaching to others – and I have!”

Roy Magee, Mercedes-Benz of White Plains

“My Performance Coach was very knowledgeable. He knows his business very well. His coaching on how to get more of our customers signed up and buying into CollisionLink made the biggest impact.”

Larry Miller, Intercar Mercedes-Benz

“My Performance Coach is really great at what he does; he is definitely an asset here. We noticed an instant impact from his coaching, so we have already changed the way we were doing things to continue that impact.”


Vince Waidzulis, Napelton Ford

"It was nice to have someone on-site. It made the set-up process easier. Our Performance Coach showed us operation of the system, shortcuts on how to use the tool… we walked away more knowledgeable about system capabilities than if we had to do it as self-service or over the phone."


Floyd Amerino, F.H. Dailey Chevrolet

"If I could, I'd hire my coach full time in a heartbeat. That's how much I think of him. His professionalism stands out from other people in the industry, and it's a pleasure to work with him. He knows what he's talking about and knows what's going on in the industry. He was very knowledgeable ... we will use the instruction and tools that he has guided us with to try and grow our mechanical repair shops to a level that compares to our body shop business."

Wes Walker, Reliable Chevrolet

"My Performance Coach was very thorough and easy to work with. Everything that I was told would happen, has happened. He didn’t just come and go. He’s been available every time I need him. We are trying to get shops signed up and he has really stepped up to help."

Ron Abbott, Joseph Chevrolet

"My Performance Coaches focused on the use of the computer and OEC products with us and our wholesalers. It had such a big impact for us because it helps our business move more quickly and efficiently. They answered all our questions and even visited some of our customers to explain how things work."


Lisa Peacock, Day Apollo Subaru

"My coach was absolutely phenomenal - he brought a whole new level of knowledge and personal hands-on experience. I wouldn't want any other reps in the future unless I was guaranteed his skill level."

Paul Davis, Carter Ballard Subaru

"[He] has very strong product and industry knowledge, coupled with a willingness to help and answer questions. We have gone over everything from product usage, to reports, to utilizing reimbursement tools and strategies. He also helped me, as an outside rep, on capitalizing on certain talking and training points when dealing with my shop customers."


Paul Allred, Stateline Chrysler

“OEC Performance Coaching provided us with the education and resources to analyze data for our sales staff to assist setting up shops on CollisonLink and RepairLink. We think it is paramount to have the shops use this electronic tool for several reasons: to see the complete estimate which allows more selling opportunity, improve documented communication and to offer a parts procurement solution that is superior to others in the market place.”