Frequently Asked Questions

What is ConsumerLink Pro?

ConsumerLink Pro is a complete ecommerce platform that will allow a dealership to easily sell OE Parts to online shoppers. The solution is configurable - design template options, pricing & shipping setup, payment options and more. Furthermore, a dedicated team is available to help you maximize the value of the solution. This is done through the day-to-day management of Search Engine Optimization strategies and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns that are critical in driving traffic and sales.

How does ConsumerLink Pro work?

Contact our Sales team to view a first hand demo of ConsumerLink Pro. After enrolling in the solution, a dedicated Account Representative will contact you to get set up from pricing to your payment account. Training and support are then offered to ensure that your parts counter team is well versed in our intuitive and easy-to-use back end system. Once setup is completed, the site is available for your customers to order from. At that point, all you have to do is process and ship orders.

How will I stand out against the online competition?

Through our Marketing Services, a dedicated team will work on maximizing traffic and sales on your site. The team will manage your organic SEO strategy as well as create and manage Pay Per Click campaigns. We do a lot with a little - with a small budget for a pay per click campaign, we can drive traffic and sales to your site.

Will I need to maintain, update, and support my website?

The answer is 'no'. Once you complete your initial setup, the site is supported by our team. We frequently release patches to improve the site and its usability. Parts data is updated on a monthly basis and the site is maintained by our team. All you have to do is process orders and keep your customers happy.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

For inquiries about ConsumerLink Pro please contact one of our sales professionals at 888.776.5792, ext 3. or for current customers please contact your account support representative at 888.776.5792, ext 2.

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Or contact us at 888-776-5792, ext. 3