Dealer Testimonials

“We used to use a different ecommerce solution but it wasn’t working out for us. We were having success with OEC so we thought it would be a good idea to try out ConsumerLink Pro. We went into it thinking we would be able to handle the marketing side of things on our own, but we did not have much success doing that. We talked with the customer success team who set us up with a great marketing package. Almost immediately, we started seeing success. I’m really happy with the number of parts we’re moving right now. I wish we would have signed up with a marketing package in the beginning.”
David C, Parts Manager
John Hiester Chevrolet

"I really like the marketing services – we’re getting a lot of visibility. We’re receiving more phone calls now, which shows people are finding us from web searches. We know now that our customers are going online to shop anyway, so why not make it easier for them and gain their business?”

Jack D., Parts Manager
Ganley Chevrolet of Aurora

"Consumerlink Pro has been a great asset for us. We have been able to move many parts that we otherwise wouldn't have. The change from list minus to cost plus is what has kept us on board. We struggled with list minus to pay the bills and keep customers from becoming irate with constant cancellations. Now with your OEM pricing data we do a flat percentage above cost mark up across the board.

It does come in spurts, one week I don't know how I will keep up then the next week I'm wondering why I don't have any sales. I just concentrate on my month end and year end sales and that always shows profit. As long as fees and wages are being taken care of we will continue using ConsumerLink Pro."
Cliff P, Parts Manager
Havre Ford

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