Frequently Asked Questions

How will OEC collect inventory data?

In a small number of cases, OEC will collect data directly from the dealership if it is not available from the OEM.

How will I be trained?

An OEC Customer Success Representative will contact you. OEC will offer one-on-one training through the use of live Webinar sessions. OEC will walk your dealership through all the details within D2DLink. Training can be scheduled to accommodate multiple attendees with additional sessions when needed.

Do I need to install new hardware onto my computer?

No, the program is internet based, and should require no change to your system.

Will I use D2DLink for PDC Orders?

No, you’ll continue to use PDCORDER for placing stock orders.

Will PDC information be on the D2DLink parts locator?

Yes, there will be an icon labeled PDC Status, and this will hold all information from your PDC for the part(s) you’ve located.

Can I create multiple accounts for my parts employees?

Yes, you can create multiple accounts for employees. We suggest that employees use their own login credentials; we do not recommend sharing login accounts.

How is D2DLink different from my current locator?

D2DLink provides additional functionality including the ability to electronically request parts from other dealers, discount and market idle inventory to other dealers and serve as the platform for future ecommerce programs.

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