The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Solution to Locate, Buy, Sell and Manage your OE parts Inventory

Access the Largest Dealer Network in the Industry

With over 9.9 million OE parts in the virtual network per month, and over 22,000 visitors per day, D2DLink expands your buying and selling territories and connects you with a large dealer network to quickly, accurately, and efficiently buy or sell OE parts.

Up-to-Date Inventory for Better Results

Accuracy matters when buying and selling parts. D2DLink offers nightly data collection and updating as well as mid-day data and Saturday updates to capture the most accurate parts data available to be able to make fast buying and selling decisions on each order.

"D2DLink is a great tool, especially for those hard-to-find parts. D2DLink saves us time and helps us achieve better customer satisfaction by getting the right parts, fast."
Chuck L., Parts Manager, Haggin-Wimberley Ford

Manage all of your parts inventory decisions in a single solution.

Giving you access to the largest dealer network in the industry, D2DLink® enables you to quickly, accurately and efficiently move your OE parts inventory. Automated discounting capabilities allow you to control and maintain a clean, fresh inventory, freeing your time to create loyal, long-term customers.

  • Locate
  • Buy/Sell Discounted Parts
  • Automated Buying & Selling Opportunities
  • Accurate Inventory Counts
  • EPC Integration
  • Expand Your Territory

  • Market Your Most Current Inventory with Mid-Day Updating.

    As part of D2DLink, we offer nightly data collection and updating. For those dealerships that prefer more frequent updating to market your most complete inventory, we also offer:

    • Mid-day data collection to capture daily stock order arrivals and transaction updates
    • Friday evening data collection for updated Saturday on-hand quantities
    • Choose both Mid-day and Saturday updates for the ultimate in parts accuracy

    Maximize Stock Room Efficiency with Pre-Printed Bin Labels.

    The OEC Bin Label Service offers pre-printed labels, automatically mailed to you monthly, based on your most current inventory posted on D2DLink. Choosing from card stock or adhesive labels, your labels will include:

    • Part number
    • Bar code
    • Group number (GM dealers)
    • Part description
    • Bin location
    With a good system you can manage all the moving pieces in a parts department and help your team be more efficient.
    Inventory management solutions connect dealers to each other to allow for sourcing of parts rather than waiting.
    Online solutions, like OEC D2DLink, help dealerships like yours locate parts from other dealerships with a few clicks.
    ​When customers come to get their car serviced for a repair or recall, they want the fastest turnaround time possible.
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