Vehicle-Specific, All-Makes Maintenance Menus.

ServiceAdvantage Frequently Asked Questions

What is ServiceAdvantage?

ServiceAdvantage is an all-makes tool to help advisors maximize sales opportunities for every customer visit. Advisors can use ServiceAdvantage to offer the right service, at the right time, at the right price to help dealers make more money and increase customer satisfaction.

My CSI scores have been low in regards to service work being explained thoroughly. How can ServiceAdvantage help with this?

ServiceAdvantage offers customized vehicle-specific menus with complete package details, fees, disclaimers, and pricing. The factory-based maintenance schedules included in the program mirror the information found in customers’ owner manuals. This fosters customer trust that leads to a positive impression that can carry over to CSI.

My manufacturer supplies online menus. Why do I need ServiceAdvantage?

Menus offered by manufacturers vary on the levels of information they provide. ServiceAdvantage provides a complete, all-makes menu system with the following features:

  • Dealerships can add any and all needed dealer services and packages.
  • Menus can include customer name and all contact information PLUS customized notes. Additionally, dealer logo, address, and a marketing message are included on every menu.
  • ServiceAdvantage menus are built for speed. All schedules can be looked up with VIN. Plus, customer and vehicle information is stored for return visits.
  • Menus are vehicle-specific, which means differences in parts, quantities, and labor time can be reflected in the menus.
  • Service schedules are preloaded for 1995 and newer vehicles.
  • ServiceAdvantage menus can be saved and appointment times can be scheduled. Editing an existing menu or creating a new one (for a future visit) is a snap.
  • Labor times are preloaded for all factory-scheduled services and many popular dealer services.
  • The menu program includes time-based intervals.
  • OEC takes care of the setup and maintenance. Because parts, part quantities and labor times are all preloaded, the setup is super easy and accurate.

Can ServiceAdvantage help me price my services appropriately?

Menu pricing in ServiceAdvantage is based on manufacturer part prices and labor time, making it easy to price services just the way you need to price them -- based on real costs, and profitably.

How is ServiceAdvantage better than paper menus?

Paper menus are always out-of-date because of changes in parts pricing, and they’re timeconsuming to update. They also have too many exceptions, and a lot of time is wasted explaining details to customers, not to mention overwhelming customers. With ServiceAdvantage, part prices are automatically updated monthly so pricing can move with part costs, and menus are printed on demand for the specific mileage of each vehicle. All factory and many common dealer services are pre-loaded into ServiceAdvantage with appropriate parts, quantities, labor skill ratings, and labor time values.

How does ServiceAdvantage help when customers come in for just an oil change?

All factory-required services are preloaded. And, menus include any and all service recommendations dictated at the dealership. Customers are presented appropriate services in a quick and consultative manner -- an ideal way to approach customers who do not want to be sold.

How does ServiceAdvantage help my advisors sell more services?

  • Menus take just seconds to pull up when customers arrive.
  • Menus take the pressure off of selling so t hat the advisor can consult.
  • ServiceAdvantage is preloaded with all of the manufacturers' schedules -- and all your dealer services -- so advisors don't need to memorize vehicle-specific services.
  • The program automatically brings up the correct services and excludes the services that do not apply, helping build customer trust.
  • Service pricing and recommendations are consistent from advisor to advisor and from appointment to appointment.

Does ServiceAdvantage have a way to track when customers decline a service?

Advisors can flag services that customers have declined / postponed due to time, budget, or authority constraints. Declined services are then presented in a specific area on the printed menu. Reports can be pulled to follow-up with customers that have postponed services.

Can ServiceAdvantage help my technicians?

ServiceAdvantage provides technicians with a Tech Worksheet featuring a complete list of all services selected including the corresponding package details, parts, and part quantities. This helps them determine exactly what is needed and not needed for the service visit.

How can ServiceAdvantage help turn casual and warranty customers into repeat customers?

ServiceAdvantage provides personalized and customized menus to convey your dealership’s expertise and differentiate your service from the competition. Advisors can use the next appointment feature and print a menu for the next visit at the end of the current visit.

Who can I call if I have further questions about ServiceAdvantage?

Give us a call at 888-776-5792, ext. 3.

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