Vehicle-Specific, All-Makes maintenance menus.

Service Advantage Dealer Testimonials

Jared N., Parts Manager
Vande Hey Brantmeier

“ServiceAdvantage helps me get the most out of every service – it constantly reminds me of needed services and helps me not miss anything. I’ve had several customers come in recently for oil changes, and using ServiceAdvantage, I was able to convert those into $300 - $400 ROs.

Since all vehicles are different, it’s great that ServiceAdvantage offers a more up-to-date recommendation system than our generic paper menus. The program is extremely easy to use, and gives us a professional menu for each vehicle – I print off a copy of each menu and staple it to the invoice. Everyone wants to keep their vehicles running as long as possible, and ServciceAdvantage helps provide the necessary services to our customers to do just that.”

Matt D., Service Manager
Fred Martin Superstore

“ServiceAdvantage helps me offer the exact manufacturer recommendations for specific mileage points for every vehicle. We definitely struggled with that in the past, and SA has helped tremendously with that.

SA helps us and it helps our customers. The customers know that what we’ve recommended is exactly what’s in their owner’s manual. There’s a difference between what is necessary and unnecessary for the vehicle, and SA helps us offer what’s right for the vehicle to our customer.

There is no doubt that customers value the consistent message they receive. The menu is presented well, it’s not just a grid with a bunch of check marks and Xs. The presentation is a tremendous value to them as it provides complete transparency with the customer. They know the exact factory and dealer recommended services for that vehicle at that mileage."

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