Tire Distributors

Automotive dealerships represent the tire industry's fastest growing sales channel. To help you take advantage of this opportunity, OEC® has created marketplace-wide OEM parts procurement solutions to maximize your inventory's exposure - and increase sales - with the touch of a button.

Available to authorized Tire Distributors, OEC parts sourcing and marketing tools offer you the ability to generate on-demand parts sales by instantly reaching one out of every two automotive dealerships in the United States plus Canada.

Reach qualified target markets

OEC offers the following tools to more effectively reach your qualified target markets:

    • Inventory Visibility with e-commerce parts ordering - OEC facilitates the automotive industry's largest buying community of original equipment parts. Used by more than 14,000 dealerships nationwide, your inventory will be instantly accessible for increased sales with the convenience of e-commerce ordering. Read More
    • Automated replenishment tools - These tools help you better serve customers with automatic replenishment according to dealership stocking preferences. You can eliminate costly "hot-shot" orders while helping customers never miss a sales opportunity. Read More
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