Athoris LITE

Athoris LITE connects Lease Companies, Fleet Managers and Fleet Operators to Repairers to provide seamless digital workflows for the submission and approval of aftersales work. It provides full control of vehicle transactions - SMR, Tyres, Body Repair, Glass and MOT – it’s easy to set up, deploy and gives control and confidence needed to manage costs.

Athoris LITE is available in countries outside of the USA and Canada. Visit our FleetLink page to find out about our North American Fleet software.

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Multi-brand, multi-market authorization platform recommended by vehicle manufacturers, leasing companies, and repairer networks suitable for lease companies with car parks less than 30,000 vehicles and fleets with 1,000 vehicles or more under ownership.

Seamlessly connecting leasing companies, fleet operators, suppliers and repairers online in real-time

  • Minimize overhead & phone calls​
  • Increase fixed operations profitability​
  • Business efficiency and administration cost savings​
  • Approve work orders automatically or manually
  • Eradicating payment disputes and shortening payment process​
  • Fleet Activity & Transaction Reporting​

How it Works

Authorization request

The repairer submits the work order to the leasing company for authorization from either their dealer management system or via the Athoris DIP+ portal.

Automatic/manual authorization

Athoris LITE rules are to validate the work order content against the contract terms and conditions and OEMs data. The rules engine will evaluate the work order against technical data and lease company settings and provide authorization information. Athoris LITE facilitates automatic or manual authorization by work order line item. Full details are provided to the lease companies electronically.

Electronic repairer detail

Athoris LITE converts repair detail to lease company terminology and provides output for leasing company systems.

Invoice request

The repairer requests Athoris LITE to raise an electronic invoice.

Electronic invoice

The electronic invoice is produced by Athoris LITE for authorized items only which are fully reconciled before submission to lease company accounting systems for repairer payment.

Athoris LITE Diagram

Athoris LITE at a Glance

Automatic authorization: Most SMR quotes can be automatically authorized due to our sophisticated rules engine.

Manufacturer source data: Fully integrates data direct from the manufacturer to provide validation for parts, labor and vehicle applicability.

Third party data: Integrated third party data from recognized industry sources.

Electronic invoicing support: Fully reconciled electronic invoicing posted directly into lease company accounting systems eradicating payment disputes and shortening the payment process.

Real-time communication: Fully logged online chat communication stored against every work order for quick query resolution.

Complete auditing: All processes fully auditable from the point of creation to invoice submission.

Considering switching to our full Athoris platform?

Athoris is life-changing for fleets over 30,000 vehicles. Athoris offers the same features and benefits as Athoris LITE, with a few additions. You will have access to the history, repairers list, and intervals files, as well as a better overview of the vehicle checks.

Athoris LITE Diagram

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