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Business is much more about personality in a connected world.

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OEC Creative mixes young creative design talent with endless marketing know-how. We are fully equipped to make sure your business looks its best and you are targeting the right market in the right way.

A strong and effective marketing strategy should be derived from solid comprehensive research into the market, target audiences and your product/service. OEC Creative aim to uncover a unique understanding of your customer and your business. This means we can make your business remarkable in a way that engages your audience wholly.

In a consumer-based society, people are savvy to the ways of marketing, but instead of this meaning they are immune to it, it just means they are looking for the right marketing. People are looking for the marketing to speak to them in a way they wish to be spoken to. To give them an experience they see as valuable. Marketing is now more important than ever. In a connected world, business has become much more about personality. We will carefully construct a strategic plan in order for your marketing campaign to develop both successfully and efficiently.

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OEC Creative bring brands to life through creative solutions that are both effective and innovative; setting standards that drive the entire experience.

Creative & Design

From brand creation to interactive mobile platforms, OEC Creative excel at designing the right concept for your business.

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We carefully construct a strategic plan in order for your marketing campaign to develop successfully and efficiently.

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OEC Creative handles the print quality and distribution making the whole production process seamless.

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Adopting a future proof approach to digital design, OEC Creative will provide a solution for any device.

Club Ricambi


Club Ricambi is the official trade programme for the MOPAR brands (Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep and Abarth). The programme had become dated in its methods and design. Our proposal was intended to be simple and easy to understand. The activities we recommended were built on what their largest competitors in the aftermarket were doing to good effect and we saw no reason why we couldn't bring some of those practices in to the MOPAR market space.


From a branding perspective, we had two goals; modernise the brand and bring it into line with other recognisable MOPAR programmes.

When it came to the website it could have been easy to get ahead of ourselves and believe the purpose of a trade programme website is to sell parts. If you run an e-commerce store, that’s true. But if like Club Ricambi, you sell products or services to other businesses, the purpose of your website is to generate leads.



Ford UK were faced with a challenge in 2017: how to increase their share of the available Ford and all makes parts market. To do this they would require changing their parts sales operation strategy by taking the brave step of totally re-engineering their wholesale parts business. Using a genuine agency model, PartsPlus would be able to provide a consistent national wholesale service throughout all Centres’ in the UK.

To achieve this goal, Ford UK would require the support of a Trade Programme.


In 2018, Ford UK awarded OEC with the responsibility of leading and delivering the Trade Programme to support the launch of PartsPlus.

Having inherited little more than a programme logo, OEC Creative set about establishing the full brand look and feel with our initial campaign being the launch of its 60 centres nationwide. Since its launch, we have been instrumental in the delivery of the PartsPlus marketing strategy, along with the development of both customer and colleague portals, sales mobile app and numerous customer touchpoints from direct print communications to extensive email marketing activity.

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