Parts Ecommerce

Facilitate buying and selling

OEC has created unique buy-side applications to make the ordering process as efficient as possible for all of the independent entities who order parts from the dealers. Offering the market's most comprehensive and versatile technology, our solutions facilitate the buying and selling of original equipment parts through:

  • Integrated OEM parts marketing programs
  • Detailed parts illustrations
  • VIN-scrubbing accuracy
  • Digital order management and tracking
  • Real-time parts sourcing
  • Financial settlement and reimbursement

Single Platform

OEC has a deep understanding of the original equipment parts marketplace. Using this expertise, we developed a common e-commerce platform for OEMs and their dealer networks, effectively reaching and accommodating the needs of multiple buying segments across industries. Our goal is to be the preferred e-commerce platform in dealerships across the U.S.

Varied Applications

Collision and Mechanical Parts eCommerceTargeted to collision shops, independent repairers and fleets, these solutions integrate within the buyers' workflow, boosting demand for original equipment parts while capturing transaction-specific information, including buyer/seller activity, sale price, discounts, OE parts sale opportunity and conversion, and more.
OEM eCommerceOEC order referral technology provides the ability to effectively serve all buying segements, including DIY customers, while preserving OEM brand consistency and the dealership-customer relationship. Integrated dealer inventories provide order fulfillment transparency and accountability while offering buyers 24/7 access to illustrations and secure payment features.
Dealer Storefront eCommerceIntegrated within OEC parts sourcing technology, dealer storefronts attract the market's most qualified buyers to quickly and cost-effectively reduce idle and excess inventory.
Fleet Claims Processing & Financial SettlementTargeted to national and regional commercial and government fleets, OEC eCommerce facilitates complete end-to-end parts and service maintenance with consolidated, negotiated billing, electronic claims reconciliation and closed-loop financial settlement.
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