Drive capacity, efficiency and profitability for
Dealership Service Departments

OEC provides solutions that help the Franchised Dealer network to retain and grow their customer base. Worldwide Dealer Services is comprised of Consultants, Account Managers, Project Managers, IT Developers, Trainers, Technical Authors, Market Researchers, Deployment and Product Support experts.

Our end-to-end resource capability enables us to provide a one-stop-shop to satisfy all our customer needs. Dealer Services help to enhance productivity and profitability with our flexible and powerful tools.

Menu Pricing

Our Menu Pricing delivers accurate prices in under ten seconds. This secure system is so easy to use, there’s no need to tie up your highly trained staff on costing jobs anymore.

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QCheck makes it easier than ever to track the performance of each workshop, operative, to know what they are doing well.

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Online Booking

With OLB, customers can log on anytime day or night and be greeted by a simple, click-to-book online service workshop booking facility that looks just like your website.

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