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If you enjoy working on your own vehicles and want to order quality, OE parts, the best place to do so is at your trusted OEM dealer.**

What is an OE part?

An OE part is one that is made by the manufacturer. It should be a match in quality for the part you need to replace on your vehicle.

Why OE Parts?

According to a recent Body Shop Business survey, new OE parts provide an acceptable fit 93% of the time, as opposed to only 54%* for a certified aftermarket part (a part you can purchase at a retail store). OE parts just fit better! Using OE parts results in fewer parts returns – only 6% of crash parts, according to this survey. You want to get the right part, the first time – especially if you’re working on your own vehicle and don’t want to deal with the hassle of returning a part that doesn’t fit correctly.

What about cost?

If you’ve heard that OE parts cost more than aftermarket parts, it’s simply not true. Many OE parts are comparable in price to their aftermarket equivalents. Plus, you’re getting a higher-quality part that’s much more likely to fit, which means faster repair time for your vehicle.

*Body Shop Business Survey May 2015

**OEC® does not sell OE parts on this website.

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