Here's the Part that Makes Repair Research Fast and Easy

The RepairLogic Repair Planning Platform is driving safety, trust, and transparency in vehicle repair by providing a fast and easy way to create comprehensive repair plans using genuine OEM repair procedures.

The RepairLogic Repair Planning Platform promotes safe & proper repair through easy access to OEM repair information, digital collaboration tools, and advanced documentation capabilities.

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Fast & Easy

RepairLogic is over 2x as fast as existing processes, with more than half of procedures automatically added to repairs

“We had a full time person, all she did was research. Now she’s also my estimator and repair planner… It doubled efficiency”


Repairers say they typically need two or three different sources to find all information necessary for a repair, but RepairLogic contained all necessary information for nearly every completed repair

Improved Repair Outcomes

The vast majority of shop leaders state that RepairLogic empowers their teams to research more often than before

“Having RepairLogic helps us to complete and justify safe and proper repairs.”

Optimized Parts Procurement

Almost half of repairs contained one-time use parts that would have been missed without RepairLogic

Advances Collaboration

Repair plans were shared within the repair team, with carriers and with vehicle owners – fostering teamwork, reducing supplement and instilling confidence in the attention to detail

RepairLogic leads to less finger pointing, which has been great for team building.

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