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“RepairLink is a much better way to do business with OE dealers. We get direct access to part diagrams – we can see what the parts look like and all the related pieces that go along with those parts. Before, we had to wait for the dealers to fax the diagrams, which could take anywhere from 20 minutes to sometime later in the day.”
Tom P., Service Manager
Royalton Automotive

"Sometimes I show up to work as early as 6:00 a.m. and I'll have orders waiting for me from the night shift but because RepairLink is available 24/7 I can just get online and do all my ordering before everyone wakes up."
Larry N., Inventory Control Clerk Senior
University of Michigan

“The biggest benefit for me is the ease of making sure I get the right part at the right time. I can talk apples to apples with the dealer and it saves me numerous faxes and calls back and forth. I estimate a minimum savings of 5 minutes per call at an average of 8-10 calls per day, which adds up to 4 hours per week.”
Jim C., Assistant Manager
Summerfield Auto Service

"RepairLink allows me to put more quality parts on my customers' vehicles. I am definitely buying more OE parts because they are more accessible. I have been online ordering mechanical parts with aftermarket vendors for about two years now. I would much prefer to look up parts myself than call a dealership and wait for someone to look something up for me. RepairLink saves me time and is more efficient."
Scott O.,Owner
Mr. Inspection

“With RepairLink, we’re able to purchase more OE parts for our customers. With direct access to pricing, availability, and illustrations, I can find the right parts for my customers instead of always having to call the dealer. We’ve cut our estimating time in half since using RepairLink."
Frank D., Owner
Drellishak's Service Center

"With RepairLink, I have access to pricing, availability, and illustrations giving me all the information I need for better business decisions. We order our aftermarket parts online, and it works well that we now have a similar process for ordering OE parts. It is very, very helpful to have parts illustrations available in RepairLink. On a scale of 1 to 10 measuring helpfulness, it's a 10!"
John C., Owner
Cangany's Emerten Service Center

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