Telesales (EU)

Growing sales through telesales and telemarketing

This OEC solution is currently only available in Europe.

Expertise in telesales

OEC brings with it more than two decades of experience in the telesales arena. The company has built an excellent reputation for growing sales through the use of telephone contact, and as a result handles many important client accounts.

Increase revenue with telesales

In the aftermarket automotive business within Europe, telesales and telemarketing still remain one of the most cost-effective means of increasing revenue.

By taking the contact with workshops away from the dealer and placing it in the experienced hands of our sales teams, many vehicle manufacturers have already greatly increased their parts sales. As well as selling into the manufacturer’s existing network, OEC Telesales actively seeks new business for its clients, drawing on its unique knowledge of the aftermarket.

Aftersales and lost sales rejuvenation

Making contact with customers

OEC Telesales has the ability to focus on areas of revenue that might be lost to traditional dealer practices. This could involve following up on lost sales or making contact with potential customers who have not responded to mailshot marketing.

Following up on mail marketing

Whilst it is standard dealer practice to send out reminders to customers for servicing and inspections, many customers do not respond. OEC Telesales specialists can win back many of these lost sales through direct contact with the customer.

Expert analysis & rejuvenation

Following up on lost sales, and expert analysis of why they failed in the first place, can not only provide useful market intelligence, but in some cases can rejuvenate sales opportunities. OEC Telesales specialises in this service.

A deep understanding of the marketplace

A winning combination of our in-depth understanding of the marketplace and our industry-specific telesales/telemarketing expertise makes OEC uniquely positioned to enhance your efficiency. In addition, OEC Telesales helps to improve your customer satisfaction and above all, significantly grow your sales.

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