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The Why and How of Selling Collision Parts Online

Your goal should be to connect with your customers and ensure that you are top of mind when it comes to submitting estimates

How do I sell collision parts online?

First, let’s start with your customers. How do they order parts? More than likely they have an established process on how to order parts from the aftermarket, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. A great first step is subscribing to an OE parts ordering platform. Your goal should be to connect with your customers and ensure that you are top of mind when it comes to submitting their estimates.

If you enroll in a platform like CollisionLink, you are joining over 8,500 dealers who are selling OE collision parts online. We can’t speak for other OE-parts ordering solutions, but for CollisionLink, we have over 9,500 active shops processing over 230,000 orders every month. So you could definitely say that shops like the online dealer presence.


How many shops are buying parts online near me?

Likely a lot. Shops decide how far they want to expand their search when they are searching for parts online. Some focus on a five to ten mile radius; others will look much further. Obviously, they will need to consider certain criteria such as how quickly they need the part, how soon they can receive it, and the delivery cost. All these considerations play a part in explaining how many shops are within reach of your dealership.

Flexibility is key when selling parts online. The easier it is for a shop to do business with you, the more likely they will follow up with you again and again.

If you have CollisionLink, you can view your Dealer Metrics within the application, where you can search active shops within your footprint. You can use this data to find new shops to reach out to, and let them know your parts are available online.

Shoot us an email and we can show you an up-to-date list of shops buying online through CollisionLink in your area. 

How much does it cost to sell parts online?

It depends! The cost of working with an online parts solution can vary, just as it would when buying something like a car. If you needed extras like heated seats or a moon roof, the cost would be more than a basic car package. It’s important to us that the needs of each dealer are addressed and helping them find the best solution for them. Our Business Development Representatives can talk through the options available to you and ensure you receive the solution that is the best fit for your dealership.


Is selling collision parts online worth the money?

Of course we want to say yes, but it all depends on your goals. We have customers that only work with one shop and they see value in an online parts solution year after year.

If we are talking averages, parts converted from aftermarket to OE in an average order is $242.56 and an average dealer gets fifteen orders from a body shop per month. That is an average of $3,638.40 in revenue each month.

Obviously, the more time you put into CollisionLink, the more you get out of it. The sky is the limit!

How do shops know what dealerships sell parts online?

Many shops ask for notifications when specific dealers register for CollisionLink. If so, the shop will receive a notification telling them that you are now live and accepting orders. Your dealership will automatically be added to their Supplier List for them to regularly order from with ease. If a shop has not opted to receive this information, your dealership will be searchable in the Supplier List Search.

Shops can also search “all suppliers” in their specified area when looking for a part. This will mean you will gain new customers who are eager to purchase parts from you. If shops are searching for a part and you have it in stock, your dealership will appear on their screen for them to do business with.

The best way to let shops know that you are on CollisionLink is to tell them yourself! The marketing team at OEC has a range of materials that you can use to notify shops that you are available for business through CollisionLink.


What is the process of online ordering?

We know how busy it can get in a parts department! That’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to fulfill new orders. There are a number of ways that you can be notified of a new order once it is sent to you within CollisionLink:

  • You will receive a message within the application and a red circle will appear to notify you
  • You can opt to receive an email (to one or many email accounts)
  • Text message alerts can be set up (to one or many phone numbers)


Do my customers have to pay to buy parts online?

Most online retailers do not charge to simply purchase parts online. There may be some individual delivery charges, service charges, etc., but there aren’t any monthly subscription charges. is free to all collision shops and only a quick installation is required. Shops can walk themselves through the simple installation process and our shop specialist team can assist when needed.


How will my parts department get reimbursement funds?

It’s likely different depending on the online solution you are using. We can’t speak for others, but CollisionLink helps automate part of the reimbursement process for you. When an order comes in, parts eligible for a program discount are marked with an icon, so they’re easily recognizable. After an order is fulfilled, you can quickly submit the order for reimbursement. Your funds will be reflected in your monthly parts statement that comes directly from your Manufacturer.


What are upsell parts?

These are any parts that are written as non-OE (i.e. specified as aftermarket) that shops have selected typically based on price and now appear on the shops estimate. You can “conquest” these parts, meaning you can use OE-provided discounts to adjust pricing of your OE parts to directly compete with the aftermarket. On average, there are $399 worth of upsell parts available on any order, leaving huge opportunity for additional profit if you choose to convert them.


Is customer support available after normal business hours?

Our full team is available during standard business hours (8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET); however, we also always have a customer success specialist team member, together with a customer support team member available from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. ET Mon-Fri. Additionally, our online Knowledge Base is available 24/7 with common questions and answers, as well as in-application walk-though tutorials.


I only do business with one shop. Can I still get value from selling collision parts online?

Absolutely! One shop is all it can take for success. Selling collision parts online maximizes the efficiency of any order providing value – even with a minimal number of shops. Plus, some online solutions (like CollisionLink) have promotional parts programs supported by Manufacturers so you can offer prices comparable to the aftermarket – something shops absolutely love.


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