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Why is this important to dealers?

Your service lane is only getting 25% of the repair service business (Source V12DATA). Your dealership is likely working on how to increase your service lanes, but this percentage has remained constant over the years.

But there is an opportunity! You can sell OE parts to the shops who are completing the
75% of repairs.

Why is this important to dealers?

While OE parts are an integral part of the Collision industry, imagine the role OE parts will play in the mechanical industry as cars become increasingly more complicated.

Additionally, with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, KPMG predicts automakers will see nearly 50% drop in the collision parts business by 2030.

Source: ACA

Why is this important to dealers?

Most auto repairs are done by repair shops post-warranty, but you can still play a role – by selling them the OE parts they will inevitably need.

Source: Lang Aftermarket iReport

Why is this important to dealers?

This is simple math: 263M cars on the road / 1.17M service bays = 225 cars per one service bay. And if we know dealers only get 25% through the service lane, that means you’re are only getting 56 of those cars. Dealers can’t repair all of the vehicles in the market, but they can sell the parts for those repairs.


Retail E-Commerce

Online part sales grew 16% last year, while brick and mortar only grew by 1%.


New car sales

New car sales have plateaued, and the used car market is increasing. Dealerships must look for new streams of revenue, including non-retail sales. That’s where Fixed Ops comes in — especially parts.


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